You Are Not Better

Pinnacles National Park, California

When I talk, I want others to listen

The method to achieve that is simple: I don’t talk too much, but when I do, I say something interesting, so the others will listen.

Blaming others is toxic for them and delusional for me

I don’t like to see my people blaming others, even if they’re right. Of course, it’s easier to keep a team together when you have an imaginary enemy that is the cause of all your problems, but a culture of blaming and complaining is toxic and harmful.

We are ourselves and our circumstances

We have no idea what the other teams’ problems, constraints or resources are. Maybe they’ve got a horrible legacy project they hate, but they are just trying to keep it alive because it’s very profitable. Many years ago, the team with the shittiest project in the company was actually paying for the party, while our new, fancy project was just burning money non-stop. Those old guys working desperately around the clock to keep that horrible legacy alive paid our paychecks for months.

The preoccupation with what should be is estimable only when the respect for what is has been exhausted

— José Ortega y Gasset.

I’m not better

Lastly, nobody wants to feel that their work is being over criticized, dismissed or permanently questioned, especially without a good reason. I’m sure you know that very well.



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I’ve been into software engineering for the most part of my life so I have thought long and hard about it. Now I‘m just writing it down.